Inclusive Blockchain for Africa to Receive Over 50 Million Naira in Funding

Inclusive Blockchain for Africa to Receive Over 50 Million Naira in Funding


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The Inclusive Blockchain for Africa (IB4A) program, an initiative aimed at increasing understanding and adoption of blockchain technology in Africa, has received over 50 million Naira in funding. The program, which is led by Decentralized Future in Motion Lab Limited (DFMLab), was granted over $20,000 (approximately 15 million Naira) from Prezenti and an additional pledge of $50,000 (approximately 35 million Naira) from DFMLab, Adehun and Wasset.

This funding will support IB4A's efforts to train a large number of individuals on blockchain technology over the next year. The training program, designed for both developers and non-developers, will provide a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications. Developers will learn to build basic and advanced blockchain applications, while non-developers will learn about various aspects of blockchain such as wallets, NFTs, blockchain protocols, and how to protect oneself from scams and hackers.

In addition to the training, IB4A will also provide resources such as computers and gadgets to exceptional participants, as well as job and internship opportunities for participants to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world projects. The program will also include hackathons and incubation programs for participants to further develop their skills.

This funding will also help to cover expenses such as training materials, instructor fees, and equipment costs, as well as provide resources and job and internship opportunities to exceptional participants.

Overall, the Inclusive Blockchain for Africa program is a comprehensive initiative that aims to promote the growth and development of blockchain technology in Africa by providing training and resources to individuals and businesses. With this funding, the program has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry and bridge the gap in blockchain education in Africa.

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