All You Need to Know About Inclusive Blockchain for Africa (IB4A)

Inclusive Blockchain for Africa (IB4A) is a project by the Decentralized Future in Motion Lab Limited in collaboration with other ecosystems in the blockchain space (Wasset, Women in DeFi, Celo, and Prezenti). This training aims to educate technical and non-technical individuals on the potential of leveraging blockchain technology.

Meet the Organizers

DFMlab's logo

Decentralized Future in Motion Lab Limited (DFMlab) is an innovation platform that leverages Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to solve challenging issues in our communities. We are an ecosystem of individuals who aspire to build revolutionary products leveraging emerging technologies.

Meet Our Partners

For the success of this training program, DFMlab partners with the following blockchain brands:

  • Celo

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Created in 2017 by Rene Reinsburg, Marek Olszewski, and MIT professor Sep Kamvar, Celo is a mobile-first platform that allows mobile users worldwide to make simple financial transactions with cryptocurrency. The platform has its blockchain and two native tokens (CELO and Celo Dollar).

  • Prezenti

Prezenti is a grant fund for the Celo community. This scheme is the second phase of the Celo Community Fund, created with an approved spending proposal from the on-chain Community Fund. This is one of the many ways Celo supports projects that share its Mission and broadly fit into one of the following focus areas:

  1. Education

  2. Community Tools

  3. Research

  • Wasset

Wasset is a blockchain protocol that incentivizes waste management efforts to keep our planet safe. This ReFi protocol hopes to manage waste through reuse, recycling, storage, treatment, and energy recovery. Users can leverage the platform to add value by sorting and recycling their waste and selling specific quantities of this sorted waste and recycled items on the Wasset Marketplace.

  • Women in DeFi (WID)

WomenInDeFi is an empowerment movement headed by ladies who aim to impact females with knowledge about blockchain and financial liberation using Decentralized Finance as the basic foundation. The empowerment offered includes quality mentorship to the ecosystem members in their chosen area of specialization around blockchain.

What is the Scope of the IB4A Training?

During the training, we will expose non-technical people to blockchain fundamentals and train technical individuals on how to build decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other platforms and tools on the Celo blockchain using Solidity especially. So far, we have trained over thirty developers in these aspects, with numerous testimonials to attest to this impact.

The training will cover the following areas:

• Introduction to Blockchain

• Career Opportunities in Blockchain

• Smart Contract Programming

• Building Decentralized Applications

Mode of Delivery and Training Phases

The training will be delivered using blended learning, which combines technology and digital media with conventional instructor-led classroom activities, allowing participants to customize their learning experiences.

The first phase of the course will be VIRTUAL, focusing on an introduction to the blockchain (Blockchain 101), and will span two to three months. The second phase will be a PHYSICAL CAMPAIGN (through a campus tour and partnered hubs in different locations). It will start immediately after the virtual training is over.

Benefits of Joining the IB4A Program?

  • Free Training

  • Certification

  • Networking opportunities

  • Mentorship

  • Free Dev tools (Laptop, etc.) for exceptional developers

  • Internship and Scholarship for exceptional developers

  • Job Opportunity with the Wasset Team

How To Register?

Interested applicants must follow these instructions to get admitted into the training:

  1. Follow DFMlab, Wasset, and Celo on Twitter

  2. Apply for the program through this link

  3. Invite friends

We look forward to having you as a part of the training either as participants or in any other way!